Poetry was my first love, and we are still together. As any poet can tell you, poetry is a fickle lover and a disaster as a breadwinner. Do not trust her when she tells you she will pay the mortgage.

I have been fortunate to make a living writing in other ways, and I have loved them too: journalism, advertising, film, and books.

I'm now working mostly on short fiction and narrative nonfiction. You can find recent work in literary journals and anthologies as shown on the Home page. And of course I'm still dallying with poems.

I once did a stint as a crime reporter, and became infected by the bug for criminal investigation. The bug lay dormant for a good long while. When it bit again I decided to investigate ten famous murders and write a book about them. That book is threatening to become immortal, less through its own virtue than the fact that publishers keep coming up with ways to squeeze another buck from it and send it back to me for updates. Originally published under the title Unsolved, it has now been through six editions, under always changing titles, in the US and UK. If you like a good read about murder, you can pick among these editions at Amazon.

My work in film has been mostly as a writer and director of documentaries, training programs, and commercials. My favorite is a scientific documentary called VPI/BNL 396. It won some accolades as the record of an experiment in high energy physics at Brookhaven National Lab on Long Island.

As far as that fickle lover is concerned, my poems have been widely published—although with broad intervals between their appearances—in literary journals and anthologies, and in The Early Word, a chapbook from Burning Deck Press.

I live in Austin, Texas with my wife Donna Johnson, the author of Holy Ghost Girl. Many moons ago, in this same town, I edited the literary magazine at The University of Texas.

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